Next Generation Wealth Planning

Holistic Wealth Planning for Self, Legacy and Life's Passions

Next Generation Wealth Planning is a different breed of financial professionals who take a holistic view of wealth and a personal approach to developing a plan that can help meet your unique needs now and in the future.  Recognizing that your true wealth is about more than just your money, over a series of meetings we get to know you, your story and how you want that story to unfold.  Then, we guide you through a proprietary process designed to address one or more of the components of total wealth:  financial security, family/generational planning, and personal values and philanthropic passions.  Finally, we manage your assets, often in concert with your attorney or other professionals, striving to provide support in reaching your goals and upholding your intentions

As holistic, or total, wealth planners, you have the ability to use us for any aspect of your planning or to give us the honor of being a part of your total planning.  Regardless of where you enter the planning, you'll find our process to be hands-on and in-depth, our recommendations to be sound and singularly focused on your goals and aspirations, and our outcomes to give you peace of mind for today and tomorrow.