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Welcome to Next Generation Wealth Planning. We're very different from other planning professionals because we approach planning with an understanding that your true wealth isn't just about your money. It's about your values, your passions, your story and how you want that story to unfold... during your lifetime and beyond. Over a series of meetings, we get to know you and your family as we guide you through a process designed to address your unique needs while ensuring that we incorporate the most sound principles of financial security, family/generational planning, and personal values and philanthropic passions. Finally, we manage your assets, often in concert with your attorney or other professionals, striving to provide support in reaching your goals and upholding your intentions


Get to Know Us

At Next Generation Wealth Planning, we pride ourselves on meeting needs that are rarely addressed by traditional advisory sources. In fact, for nearly 30 years, we have helped our clients to avoid the dreaded shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations' trap. We take a big picture view of your wealth planning needs, and eagerly involve your accountant, legal advisors and other professionals. Perhaps even more importantly, we involve you and your family to understand your goals, to ensure that those goals are communicated and embraced by the family, and then work tirelessly to ensure that they are met... for you and for generations to come.

Our Perspective

Your wealth is about more than just your money. It includes your life lessons, the values that shape who you are, and the causes and institutions that you are passionate about. More simply, we look at the three dimensions of wealth: financial wealth, personal wealth, and social wealth and work to bring all three together on your behalf.

Our Mission

To grow or preserve all of the dimensions of your wealth.

Our Vision

To inspire, motivate, guide and nurture individuals and families to experience extraordinary lives that provide for themselves, their futures and the passions.