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The Back Story


In September of 1978, when I was 12 years old, I walked into my 7th grade history class and saw the man that would be my teacher that year.  As I sat in my seat, I noticed that he had a long metal ruler in his hand, and a stern look on his face.  He was slapping his open palmed hand with one end of the ruler as he spoke.  In a very direct and strong voice he introduced himself and immediately launched into his rules about how to behave in his class.  His stern demeanor was a bit intimidating.  He wouldn’t tolerate any nonsense or misbehavior.  I think he knew he inherited the behavior problem students from all of the six elementary schools, at least, that’s how it appeared to us. Finally, he got to his most important rule; “don’t ever, under any circumstances, ever take anything off of my desk, for if you do that I will” …… and with that, he stepped back and swung the metal ruler in a circular motion, smacking it on the top of the desk and creating an enormous cracking sound that cut through the silence and could likely be heard in the surrounding classrooms…. “I’ll take my ruler out and chop your fingers off!!!!”.  With that, I, together will my entire class, and my teacher, Mr. Sachsel, broke out into hysterical laughter.  It was a totally unexpected, completely unconventional, but a very effective way to break the ice and disband any first day jitters while at the same time letting us know he meant business.  I had a feeling this guy was different, and I knew that I was lucky enough to have landed in a class with a guy who would become one of my favorite teachers.

Fast forward about 40 years.  One of my clients was throwing a big 50th anniversary party for he and his wife and I was honored to have been invited.  Years earlier, I remembered discovering that one of his good friends was Jerry Sachsel, my 7th grade history teacher and legendary Millburn high school wrestling coach, but I hadn’t thought about it much after that.  When I arrived at the party, my client had an excited look on his face.  He greeted me at the door saying, “I’ve been waiting for you, there’s someone I want you to see”.  He ushered me down a corridor where, I saw standing at the end, my 7th grade teacher Mr. Sachsel.  Jerry had an amused grin on his face.  I approached him and as I did, he reached into his pocket and pulled out an envelope.  I couldn’t image what it was.  He looked up at me and said, “go ahead, open it”.  What could this possibly be, I thought?  As I pulled out the paper, I saw a roster with my entire 7th grade class listed.  My name was circled, and below were all of my grades for each marking period, as well as my final grade for the year.  D, B, B, B… final grade... B.  Further down on the paper he had included a few of my class assignments, and below that, a notation identifying the “class leaders”.  My name was listed together there with a girl (note:  I have no memory what-so-ever of being a class leader let alone what that might have entailed).  Jerry went on to explain that every year he taught he saved “stuff” from at least one or two kids.  That year, I was one of the kids.  Jerry went on to explain to me that I was the only student he taught that had started off with a D and ended up with a B, and that he thought maybe I was somehow different.  We both laughed as I recalled how angry I was that I got that D and that I wasn’t going to let it stand.

That night kindled a friendship that I feel truly blessed to have, and since then, Jerry Sachsel and I have remained in contact.

Towards then end of 2018 I had the privilege of spending several days with coach/teacher/mentor Jerry Sachsel where I was able to interview him.  Jerry generously shared some of his great life stories centered around three key topics; Wisdom, Success, and Coaching.

Our stories are so special.  Inside of them we can re-live our past life experiences.  If we pay attention, within those experiences comes our life lessons.  Embedded within our life lessons exists our wisdom.  If we follow that wisdom, we can often live happier, more fulfilling and less challenging lives.

In these challenging times that can have us sometimes leave us feeling overwhelmed, perhaps some of the wisdom and life lessons from Jerry’s life can help you navigate your own challenges.

We hope you enjoy some of the wisdom and life lessons Jerry has generously shared.


Please feel free to download any of the Jerry Sachsel interviews for free by clicking on the links provided


Recording #1 – “Wisdom” – This interview centers around the theme of “wisdom”.  Hear Jerry provide wisdom on topics such as;

  • What makes someone wise
  • Wise decision making
  • Pivotal decisions
  • How to listen
  • The importance of following your passions
  • Who we look up to and how that influences us


Recording #2 – “Success” part 1 – In this recording, Jerry shares his observations on topics such as;

  • The impact of emulating someone great
  • Carrying lessons forward
  • Surrounding yourself with the best
  • Checking your ego
  • The importance of preparation
  • Attitude is everything
  • How to achieve respect


Recording #3 – “Success” part 2 – Hear Jerry’s reflections on how to succeed on topics such as;

  • Success in picking the right life partner
  • Success in being a spouse
  • Successful parenting
  • Worry free communication
  • How to settle differences


Recording #4 – “My years as a coach” – In this recording, Jerry expands on topics such as;

  • The 5 characteristics you need to be the best athlete
  • The people who inspired Jerry to coach
  • Sacrifices required
  • The behind-the-scenes story of Paul Finn and other Millburn greats


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