Yale Levey

Managing Director NGWP / Lead Financial Planner and Advisor / Individual, Family, Business and Corporate Philanthropy Facilitator

As a Certified Financial Planner ™ and a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy™, Yale understands that total wealth encompasses far more than just your money.  As such, he has spent the last half of his 28 year career, mastering the skills and providing the kinds of services that allow clients to consider all areas of their total wealth; Financial, Personal and Social.

This recognition and understanding that true wealth is about more than just money, led him to create Next Generation Wealth Planning, one of the only holistic wealth management firms in the country.  

Regarded as a different breed of advisor, Yale has the ability to integrate the sound solutions of investment and financial planning with his clients' broader values in a simple, understandable and accessible manner.. He believes that this approach allows clients to connect their money to their meaning and empowers them to live more fulfilling lives.

Yale has served as a resource for other advisors, is an in-demand financial educator, speaker and lecturer, and has written for, or been interviewed in many of the financial industry's leading publications.


  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Investment News
  • Research Magazine
  • Financial Planning Magazine
  • Financial Advisor Magazine
  • Wealth Manager Magazine
  • Broker/Dealer Journal
  • The Cerulli Report
  • Contribute Magazine
  • Best Life Magazine

Areas of Expertise: For Individuals, Families and Business Owners
Investment and Insurance Planning, Financial Planning, Non-Financial Wealth and Life planning, Legacy and Heritage Planning, Family and Business planning, Charitable and Philanthropic Planning, Estate, Tax and Wealth Transfer Planning, Teaching and Coaching

Areas of Expertise:  For Private Foundations, 501c3 Nonprofits and Donor Advised Funds
Social Impact Investment Planning and Support, Generational Family and Business Governance Succession Planning, Next Gen Leadership Training, Transformational Philanthropic Programming for Individuals, Families, Companies and Nonprofit Organization Donors, Professional Advisor Relationship Cultivation for Nonprofits, Planned Giving Support for Nonprofits, Teaching and Coaching

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