Scott Farnsworth

Family Philanthropy and Multigenerational Family Governance

Legacy Planning Associates, LLC
Scott combines nearly forty years’ experience as a high-end estate planning attorney with a unique perspective of the value of family giving as a methodology for educating family members, developing character, and building families that “work” over multiple generations.
Scott and Mary Tomlinson work with families on the three dimensions of family capital
  • Who you are
  • What you know
  • What you own
Scott’s areas of specialty include legal, regulatory, and governance guidance for family philanthropic structures; life-skill training for teenagers and young adults through the laboratory of family philanthropy; and development and preservation of the family’s narrative assets concerning money, growth, giving, and service. 
 Areas of Expertise
  • Family Philanthropy  
  • Family Legal Structures
  • Family Stories and Narrative Assets
Specific Services
  • Transformational Philanthropy:  Family Giving and Community Service
  • Life Skills for G2, G3, and Beyond:  Teenager and Young Adult Development
  • Staying Between the Lines:  Compliance and Family Legal Structures
  • Values and Stories:  Preserving and Passing On Family Legends
How Mary and Scott can help you.  A Sample Engagement
Our first step is to deeply understand the “current state” of your family – both relationally and financially. We drill deeply into the stories of the senior generation, to appreciate and preserve their viewpoints concerning the meaning of money, success, values, and family.  We work with you to interview each family member to understand the different perspectives about the family and review financial and legal documents to provide you with an outsider’s perspective and recommended next steps.
Moving forward, we design a customized engagement focused on meeting your family’s unique needs and objectives.  This typically includes family retreats, senior-generation “executive briefings,” and hands-on exercises with each individual and with the family as a whole
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