A Unique Approach

As total wealth planners, you can use us for any aspect of your planning or you can entrust us with the responsibility and honor of being a part of your total planning. You'll find our process to be hands-on and in-depth, our recommendations to be sound and singularly focused on your goals and aspirations, and our outcomes to give you peace of mind for today and tomorrow.

Our Process

Step 1

"Personalized discovery" designed to create “clarity” about what's most important for you and why

Step 2

"Diagnostic assessment" leading to a list of “creative solutions” intended on helping you close the gaps between where you are, and where you want to go

Step 3

“Implementation” of both your investment plan, and your development plan to help you reach your intended goals

Step 4

"Periodic review and maintenance" to provide you “ongoing confidence” that the plan holds up over the long run, and the ability to modify the plan as your needs dictate.

While we hope to work with our clients on all aspects of their wealth planning, each client can enter our process in a place most consistent with their current needs.

Our holistic wealth planning process is comprised of three core areas of support:

  • Personal/financial
  • Legacy/generational/familial and
  • Philanthropic/social

Each of these can be an entry point to your planning process, however the intention is to lead you through all three dimensions at a pace, and in a direction consistent with your unique individual needs. Depending upon where you enter the 'circle', a different set of expectations and deliverables will be provided.