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Lauren Eichner-Doyle is the founder and CEO of Getting Results Inc., a training and development company that specializes individuals to achieve high levels of production and efficiency. She is the author of The Hijacker: Overcome Self-Sabotaging Behavior and Secret #5 of Million Dollar Producers. Her boundless energy and zeal has allowed her to create and oversee two real estate companies while building her core business, Getting Results. She holds a Master’s Degree in Individual and Family Therapy from San Diego State University and a Bachelor degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Behavior modification and communication. Very simply, she gets people to fulfill on their goals and aspirations by utilizing the principles through the close one on one relationships she has with her clients.  Perhaps her some of her proudest achievements have been helping several of her clients’ (young adult) children discover their ideal career and life paths and providing them with critical skills to aid in their success in life.

In 1996, Ms. Doyle relocated to San Diego where she quickly established herself as one of the most popular behavioral therapists in the county. Based on her experience and strong work ethic, she achieved a level of business success seldom attained by someone at such a young age.  Prior to Getting Results, Lauren worked at The Center for Excellence, a professional development company. As the Director of Coaching, she trained and managed over 30 coaches and coached over 300 clients.

In 2002, Lauren founded Getting Results, Inc.  Again, Lauren has proven her business acumen with the success of the company. 

In 2006, Lauren was asked to serve as the interim Chief Operating Officer for a land development company on a half-billion dollar project.  She maintained this position as she continued to coach her clients and expand Getting Results.

Today, she practices what she preaches by living a life by design created by her ultimate business design.  Married to her business partner and closest friend, they live in their ultimate destination, Sarasota, FL.  Their latest project is creating a life for their daughter that allows her to experience the richness life has to offer.

Getting Results, Inc
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Goal Achievement, Behavioral Follow-Through, Relationship Development, Business Growth, Young Adult Development
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Individual Coaching, Speaking

How Lauren can help you.  
Lauren helps her clients through one-on-one coaching. She helps people achieve their designed goals through a highly personalized coaching relationship. Whether your goal is to create a simpler, more successful business, cleaning up ‘life’s messes’, or helping your adult children cultivate successful life skills, Lauren and her organization can help you fulfill it.