Ken Doyle

Individual Personalized Life and Business Coaching

Ken Doyle has the unique ability of helping individuals maneuver through the occasional stress sometimes experienced in everyday daily life, and through a focused process, and introspective analysis, Ken helps individuals co-create a life plan consistent with their personal goals, desires, and highest capacity.  This helps his clients live a more happy, meaningful and overall successful life.

As one of Next Generation Wealth Planning’s personal coaches, Ken works with all generations of a family or a business to achieve this outcome.

Ken is the founder and principle owner of Getting Results Coaching, Inc., one of the top business coaching programs for financial advisors in North America. As a matter of fact, Next Generation Wealth Planning’s founder, Yale Levey, has worked with Ken as his personal coach for years!

By the age of 30, Ken was the Vice President of Keyport Life Insurance where he led his team to a billion dollars in sales in just three years. This success came from his commitment and skill of developing his people.   Ken is the author of The Journey: The Evolution of a Financial Advisor and The Champion Path:  Double your Business in Less Time.

A significant percentage of his clients are now self-made millionaires.  His coaching success can be attributed to his close one-on-one relationships with his clients. He is also famed for his wisdom and directness.  His clients appreciate that he tells it like it is.  They find tremendous value in hearing what others are afraid to tell them. Ken’s work with clients helps them to develop a life, and businesses “by design”, allowing them to live happier lives and achieve greater financial success. His clients often report that he is the most meaningful relationship that they have developed in their adult lives as the results they achieve extend far beyond just their businesses. 

Getting Results, Inc
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Areas of Expertise
Goal Achievement, Leadership, Relationship Development

Specific Services
Individual Personalized Life and Business Coaching

How Ken can help you.  
Ken Delivers his body of work through one-on-one coaching. He helps people achieve their designed goals through a highly personalized coaching relationship. Whether your goal is to become a top leader, create greater levels of financial success, or simply design a fulfilling life and career, Ken and his organization can help you fulfill it.