Managing Director

  • Yale Levey<br> CFP<sup>®</sup>, CAP<sup>®</sup>

    Yale Levey
    CFP®, CAP®

    Managing Director NGWP / Lead Financial Planner and Advisor / Individual, Family, Business and Corporate Philanthropy Facilitator

  • Randy Fox

    Randy Fox

    High Net Worth Financial Planning, Tax Planning and Wealth Transfer Solutions

  • Kerry Dowd

    Kerry Dowd

    Office Manager / Head of Operations

  • Bob Simons

    Bob Simons

    Relationship Manager / Operational Support

  • Scott Farnsworth

    Scott Farnsworth

    Family Philanthropy and Multigenerational Family Governance

  • Mary Tomlinson

    Mary Tomlinson

    Family Dynamics and Culture

  • Ken Doyle

    Ken Doyle

    Individual Personalized Life and Business Coaching

  • Lauren Doyle

    Lauren Doyle

    Individual Personalized Life and Business Coaching

  • Susan Caruso Green

    Susan Caruso Green

    Grant Specialist

  • Maria Semple

    Maria Semple

    Prospect Research /
    Social Media Strategies

  • Tonia Papke, MBA

    Tonia Papke, MBA

    Nonprofit Financial Management
    and Reporting

  • Vivien Hoexter

    Vivien Hoexter

    Strategic Organization Development
    Not-for-Profit Organization Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Linda C. Hartley, MBA

    Linda C. Hartley, MBA

    Board Development