Next Generation Wealth Planning LLC  
We help ordinary people to live extraordinary
lives while they build, preserve, protect,
and endow their wealth.
I'd argue that few professions are as rewarding as what I do. What I love most is the
potential to apply my knowledge and influence to make the world a better place; to
dramatically impact the lives of those I serve in a positive way. --Yale Levey

Our approach as wealth consultant, coach and investment advisor is to focus on who you are, what you own, and what you know --the human, financial, and intellectual components of planning that are typically overlooked.
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VIDEO: get to know us

People anticipate increased freedom with wealth. So why then do so many affluent families find that increased wealth often brings greater complexity?

This is the opening question in our 3 minute film about Next Generation Wealth Planning. Listen to how we answer this question and learn what sets us apart as wealth advisors.

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